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Are you having a problem in your New Jersey common-interest community?

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Legislation We're Tracking in 2024!

Petition for Elections

Late elections? NO elections? Use this downloadable PETITION to force your board to comply with the law!

Analysis by C-IHC President Ed Hannaman

CASE NOTE: CAI Challenge to DCA Housing Regulations - What the Court Decision Means

Your Financial Rights

Follow the Money: How to Get Financial Disclosure from Your Community


Homeowner's Strategy Guide

From our Spring 2023 newsletter, here are the first steps to take when your have a problem!


You now have stronger legal rights as a community homeowner, thanks to

New Jersey's revised elections law for common-interest communities (aka"The Radburn Law")


Read C-IHC Election Guide for the "Radburn Law" and Regulations

Text of New Jersey's Election Law

Would you like to talk about your community issues with us and other association homeowners?

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Do you need help with regulations, security and other issues?

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) offers resources for you.
Download DCA's Grants and Resources Handbook here!
Download DCA's Handbook

How does the DCA handle complaints?

What can the state do if you are having trouble with your association?

You'll find the answers to these questions and more in these forms.

Download DCA's Q&A

Download DCA's Complaint Form

View DCA's Advisory Information

Call the DCA's Bureau of Homeowner Protection: (609) 984-7905, ex 5

Do you want to contact your state legislators to get help with issues or reform current laws?

Contact Your NJ Legislators

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