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You Are Not Alone

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The Common-Interest Homeowners Coalition (C-IHC) is an independent not-for-profit organization of hundreds of owners from all over New Jersey, including those in condominiums, town homes, planned unit developments and cooperatives.


C-IHC serves as the voice of homeowners speaking to legislators, government officials, industry practitioners, association boards of trustees and the general public, on matters directly related to residency in homeowner associations.


On its own and with others, C-IHC will develop and encourage appropriate principles, procedures and practices of democratic association governance; work to remove impediments to such practices; and establish legal and efficient mechanisms to ensure vigorous enforcement of these democratic procedures. 

Homeowners must have effective agencies for participating within their associations in matters affecting their general welfare. C-IHC aims to ensure a democratic experience to homeowners at the most local level of governance as a means of strengthening these processes in the larger community, state and nation.

As mandated by our mission statement below, C-IHC represents ALL New Jersey's common-interest community (CIC) owners.


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The mission of the Common-Interest Homeowners Coalition is to serve as the independent voice for homeowners in New Jersey residential community associations, to promote and strengthen democratic governance and to advance the general welfare of homeowners.

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